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Monday morning in the ballroom – Part 1

Posted by katewillette on April 14, 2008

You know, I think they should really figure out something else to call these rooms . . . I mean, when was the last time a ball was held in this room?  For one thing, it’s carpeted.  Okay, I’m back to work now.

Sue Maus is introducing Jennifer French of the Neurotechnology Network.  The focus of today will be how to stay healthy while the researchers finish off the cure, and how to use technologies that are available right now to maximize well-being.

Jennifer French of the Neurotech Network is going to run this show; she rides her chair up the ramp and then stands up behind a walker. That’s demo #1, because she’s using technology to get up, and part of the program is going to be her explanation of how that works.

The Neurotech Network is a nonprofit that focuses on education of and advocacy for access to neurotech devices and therapies.

“Neurotech”  is the application of medical electronics and engineering to restore or improve the function of the human nervous system . . our bodies already know how to use electrical signals . . . neurotech is NOT a cure, but it can provide ways to fight secondary conditions and stay healthier.

Not every injury is the same, and neither is every kind of neurotech.

There are 2 categories . . internal and external .  . internal is like pacemakers, external is completely outside the bod.

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