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Posted by katewillette on April 14, 2008

We have the woman who taught Matthew Sanford , author of Waking.  There are a number of peopel in chairs here.  Okay, I need to say that it feels amazing not to have a slide show up.  I am sick of slide shows. Ahem.

Jo is (like every yoga-doing woman I know) clearly in great shape, as is her adult daughter, who’s standing by to help with the program today.  There’s a little girl (maybe 5 years old) who has been riding around in a tiny wheelchair.  Right now she’s sprawled on a purple yoga mat next to her brother with her legs splayed awkwardly.

Jo says that yoga is not actually about the physical aspect that everybody thinks they understand.  In fact, the 2 main things are nonviolence and truth . . . followed by the postures.  All these things go together, and it’s important to think while doing the postures of doing them nonviolently and with honesty to your own self.  She’s saying all this while leaning her upper body against a wall facing the group with her feet together, legs straight about a foot from the wall.  She says that you must have a burning desire to do this, and that she believes instilling this desire is what she does best.

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