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Capitol Hill Kickoff Banquet

Posted by katewillette on April 15, 2008

Well, I wasn’t going to write during this event . . . we’re eating this very nice dinner in the ballroom while some speakers entertain us.  Wise has spoken with his usual passion and eloquence about what’s happened in the last few years and about what motivates him to get this bloody thing cured.  He’s just so relentless when it comes to making a cure happen.

And so I thought, you know, I’d just eat my salmon and tell about it later.  But then Joe White got up on the stage and started talking about how the CC site helped to get him out of his isolation after breaking his neck.  And that even might not have been enough to get me typing, but then he started talking about Indiana and what happened there.  Still, I’m thinking, I could capture this later.


Joe’s up there showing some beautiful pictures from former rallies and telling about what he did in Indiana — and the picture that made me haul out the laptop one more time was this: Joe sitting inside a little booth he’d made to pass out information about SCI and the cure for SCI at a little fair in Indiana.  He’s sitting up here in front of that image telling us how he started a 5-person support group back home so that he wouldn’t feel so isolated.

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