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Working 2 Walk is a project of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis (U2FP). Founded in 2005, U2FP is committed to strengthening advocacy in the paralysis community towards advancing curative therapies. U2FP works with researchers, health practitioners, legislators, the business community, and survivors of paralysis, developing unity and visibility.

Science is making rapid advances in paralysis research; politics and lack of funding are delaying the process of moving these therapies from the lab to human application. If you’re living with paralysis, you CAN’T WAIT. The economic toll, not to mention the physical, is unacceptable. The voice of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis will grow bigger and louder until the day that good health and productive lives are restored to this community.

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  1. katewill said

    It’s Friday, April 4th, 8:52 am in Seattle and raining just enough to need the windshield wipers. Only a week to go before I’m on a plane to Washington DC, and I can’t wait.

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