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Posted by katewillette on April 15, 2008

Our friend Todd, who lives in NYC (and is an actor and a lifetime fan of Superman) is about to sing the song a friend of his wrote just after Chris Reeve died.  He’s just described meeting Chris and Dana at a theatre one night in New York.  The song is called “Look at You Now.”  (The friend’s name is Nick Hinton; give him some love here . . .

They play a video John Smith made from images taken at last year’s rally; I see a lot of faces I’ve been missing for the last couple of days . . . . John narrates underneath the pictures, the story of our efforts to get this bloody legislation passed.  What I see in the images is people looking happy, big smiles ,good friends.  Todd sings the music Dana sang at her last gig, followed by When You Wish Upon a Star.  (Todd’s actually pretty much a star as far as everybody at w2w is concerned.)  John MacDonald gets up to give us a few words . . . and then Todd tells us that actors are always trained to use their voices and bodies to change the energy in the room — which is his way of leading into yet another amazing performance by Professor X.

The greatest guy ever.

There must be a youtube.  I’ll go find one.  Try this

The guy is able to get everybody’s energy up, even at the end of 2 long days like this.  He rocks, totally  rocks.  So — goodnight and look for the last news from here sometime tomorrow.  We’re doing a congressional briefing at a quarter to early, so I’m going to bed.


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